We are not who we say we are. Each one of us is guilty, at times, of letting the person we wish we were, or wish to be perceived as, overtake the reality of the real person underneath. It is an honorable life’s work to constantly seek to make the person you are match up with the person you wish to be.

Words and talk, especially in this era of social media and internet communication can be a great obstacle to this Work- we look for immediate gratification or accolades from people (many or most of whom we don’t even know) for deeds not yet undertaken, deeds talked about, deeds made weaker and less likely to occur the more we discuss them.

In the words of Odin, from the poem “Havamal,” he says, “each word led me to another word, each deed to another deed.” There is an important lesson that can be learned here: words, more often than not, lead to more words. A discussion seeds another discussion, and so on, until the participants are exhausted with discussion, tired of the initial idea, and bored by the entire concept that they’ve worked and overworked ad nauseum, without ever having accomplished anything tangible.

It is deeds that lead to more deeds. Personal power and individual might is built like a fire- a small spark strikes tinder, and a little flame is born from that spark. This is the flame of animus that a creature is given when it is quickened and comes to life. From that point, the fate of that fire is entirely dependent on how it is fed. If it is left untended, it will quickly gutter and go out, reducing itself to smoky coals that provide little in the way of heat and light, until they are finally extinguished forever. If, however, we begin to feed the fire with the fuel of deed, we see a progression: first, simple, achievable goals are set and manifested, twigs on the fire that will not smother the as yet meager flame- these the fire quickly eats, and the fire grows larger, can handle more fuel, bigger fuel, more challenging endeavors. If we continue in this fashion, there is no limit to the heights that our bonfire can reach, burning entire trees at once with our massive realized potential.

Talk is like blowing on coals without adding sticks for them to feed on. The coals will burn brightly for a moment, and then return to a dormant state, and this can only be done so many times before the fire is extinguished from the lack of available fuel. Words should be used to fan flames that are also being fed with mighty deeds. The by-words of the Fianna, those men of renown who fought and died under the likes of Finn MacCool, were: “Pure hearts. Strong limbs. Actions matching words.” These seven words could be said to be what it really means to be a man.

In order for us to be who we say we are, we have to look at the truth that we are not what we SAY we are. We are what we DO. Who are you now, and who do you wish to become? What are you willing to sacrifice to get there? Words will only lead to more, but with action being our watchword, and success being our only proof, to what heights can we raise ourselves? There will come a time (if we live wildly and ferociously, adventurously, there will be many such times), where we will be forced to live up to the words we have spoken, to offer proof of our statements, whether they be truth or hubris. Live your lives in such a way that you are always prepared to offer proof of a statement, to risk life and limb to demonstrate that you in fact can be what you say you are, as long as you are doing what you say you do. Walk your talk, and let your deeds be praised more often by others than by yourself. 

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You win this round cheese

actually that is a rectangle cheese

[oxford comma laughing in the distance]

[vocative comma wondering what oxford comma thinks it’s doing here]

I already reblogged this for the pun but I’m reblogging again for the sick punctuation banter

reblog for defiant-deviance:p

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probably going to get arrested because of an error on my tax forms. I give absolutely zero fucks about doing my taxes fright now.


i srsly dont give a fuck about frozen

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Helpless on the ground
Hands and feet tightly bound
In my eyes no mercy found
My sharp knife starts to carve around

Penetrate your naked skin
Rip flesh and dig within
With a pleased and twisted grin
I spread your lungs like eagle’s wings


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Being single, childless and broke really makes doing taxes super easy

I have two papers (which I haven’t started) due on the same day as tax day. This weekend is gonna be frikken insane, but all is well ‘cuz I got my pipe and a box of wine. weeee


Let’s play a fun game called “we’re friends and I’d fuck you if you asked”

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“If you were a drug, there wouldn’t be a sober vein in my body.”